Now What?

Q: So, my school has decided to do the Discovery Process. What’s next? 

A: Here’s a Top-10 List of primary steps from contract to implementation:

  1. Invite each of your participating teachers to access the LMS portal, select a password, log on, and surf around a bit.
  2. Schedule and complete the 4-hour training program designed specifically for school leaders and conducted by the Hyde Institute (live or virtual). Bookmark school leader handbook for future reference.
  3. Schedule and complete the 8-hour training program for participating teachers (8 hours).  Bookmark teacher handbook.
  4. Organize school homerooms into “Discovery Groups” (mixed aged groups recommended) consisting of 14-16 students and 1 or 2 teachers. (Note: The training includes various scenarios utilized by participating schools.   
  5. Begin each school day with a 15-minute morning “check-in.” (See Daily Check-In module)
  6. Conduct at least one learning session (30-45 mins.) per week, preferably one per day
  7. Integrate core activities (e.g., gym class, intramurals, performing arts, community service) into the lessons with debrief sessions after each.
  8. Administer mid-year school climate and culture surveys developed by the Excellence with Integrity Institute.
  9. Access online chat option with Hyde Institute consultants for service and support.
  10. Access monthly instructional webinars presented by Hyde Institute and guest speakers.

Bonus: And most important ingredient of all: Look for and capitalize on the teachable moment throughout the school day.  Success is all about putting culture first!

Onward, Malcolm