New York Story

I love to sneak a peek at the Metropolitan Diary section of the New York Times – Mondays, I think. Sometimes it serves up some captivating obscure tidbits that shed interesting light on urban life. I liked this one from June 15.

Dear Diary:

While walking my dog the other day, I ran into the enterprising local homeless man whom I often see taking out trash or washing windows for nearby businesses.

“Fate is an interesting thing,” he said to me. He then went on to describe a man who, just the previous week, had angrily berated him for hunting through the garbage. “I just found his car keys,” he said, smiling and holding them up for me to see.

I asked him how he knew they were his, and he replied that he had pressed the unlock button and watched the car light up.

“I left a note glued to his window telling him that the man he was so mad at for hunting through the garbage has his car keys,” he said. “I’m always around the neighborhood. Let’s see if he can find me.”

Onward, Malcolm Gauld