My Son, the Poet

If you know me, perhaps you’ve heard me say that the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my adult life has been trying to be a good father to a son with autism.  The experience has been a crucible for both of us.

Harrison is now 18 and in his second year at Cardinal Cushing Academy in Massachusetts.  Last week, he wrote a poem (below) and raised his hand in class as a request to read it before the class – two firsts in one.  Please forgive my indulgence as I brag about my son, for I am a father.  And I am proud.

I Am
I am quiet and athletic
I wonder about people
I hear people laugh
I see friends
I want friends

I am quiet and athletic
I pretend sometimes
I feel great
I touch basketballs
I worry about things
I cry sometimes

I am quiet and athletic
I understand computers
I say “how are you”
I dream about things
I try my best
I hope I’m happy

I am quiet and athletic

By,  Harrison 9/18/12

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld