(More) Fresh Songs for a Stale Quarantine, Vol. 2

Looks like this thing is going to take a little longer than we might have thought… Here’s 20 more. All new releases. (Well, mostly) No particular order…

“Turf Accountant Daddy” by The Pretenders – They’re back. And I know I don’t need to tell you that Chrissie (still) ain’t takin’ no prisoners: “Hey, Baby. You wanna dance?… Come here!”

“In the Air” by The California Honeydrops. Mellow and soothing. Just what you expect from a Cali band. “Without music in the air…”

“Silver Sun” by Cabinet. “Gotta get up. Gotta keep on movin’. That silver sun is on the rise.” Bit of a J. J. Cale vibe.

“Living in a Ghost Town” by The Rolling Stones. For full effect/enjoyment, see/hear the video.

“Cloud Vision” by Bay Ledges. I always tell Zach (Hurd ’99) that he’s got some David Byrne in him. Some of it comes out here.

“Quarantined” by Old Crow Medicine Show – “I long to hold you and hug you tight, but I gotta wait 14 nights.” ‘Nuff said.

“New York Is Rockin’” by Willie Nile. My vote for best of the bunch. I’ll get in some trouble for this, but, to me, New York is America’s Varsity City and everything else is JV.

“Frank Sinatra singin’ ‘bout the little town blues;
Baryshnikov is puttin’ on his blue suede shoes.
Bird is boppin’ down on 52nd Street.
The Ramones at CBGB’s got ‘em on their feet;
Pavarotti singing up at Carnegie Hall;
Yeah, everybody’s swingin’, man, we’re havin’ a ball!”

“I’m the Only Hell My Mama Raised” by Willie Nelson – The Red-Headed Stranger serving up a country chestnut. “She tried to turn me on to Jesus, but I turned on to the devil’s ways.”

“Let the Mystery Be” by 10,000 Maniacs (w/David Byrne) – Off 2004’s Campfire Songs – The Popular, Obscure, and Unknown Recordings of 10,000 Maniacs. Because I just discovered it. It’s awesome. And I cannot stop playing it. “Everybody’s wondering where we all came from. Everybody’s worrying about where their gonna go when the whole thing’s done… Think I’ll just let the mystery be.”

“Over and Over” by Jessie Wagner – Stax strong. Motown smooth. Keep an eye on this one. She most definitely has got the goods. “Love trips me and I’m falling over and over.”

“Don’t Be Nice to Me” by Nick Lowe – Look up Old Pro. See picture of this guy. “Don’t be nice to me. Better you pass me by.”

“The Weight” off Playing for Change in partnership with Robbie Robertson – Truly a song for our time. “…put the load right on me.”

“CVS” by Winnetka Bowling League – “I wanna buy you chocolate hearts from CVS.” One of my music students turned me on to this edgy, catchy band.

“Sing to Me, Willie” by Edie Brickell w/Willie Nelson – “Take me to Texas with a song.” Everybody wants to sing with Willie. Edie does it well.

“Hey Love” by Gina Sicilia –“Put a little sugar in my bowl.” She’s new to me, but keep an eye on Gina.

“Old Time Used to Be” by Joe Louis Walker & Keb Mo’ – “Girl, Can’t You See? Forget about those others and your old time used to be.” Play the blues!!!

“Peace in Our Hearts” by Eliza Gilkyson – A timely anthem off her album 2020. “We’re gonna stare into the face of the hateful mind with peace in our hearts.”

“Any Excuse Will Do” by Tower of Power. They’re back. And still talkin’ about What is Hip.

“That’s Love Right There” by Graham Gouldman – I imagine that when my parents were kids listening to jazzy combos over drinks in suave nightclubs that the songs might have sounded like this.  “She tells me I’m handsome even though I’m not. That’s love.”

“Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard – Because, well, If you have to ask I could never explain. Except maybe, “A Wop Bob a Loo Bop a Lop Bam Boom!!!”

Onward, Malcolm Gauld