Malert #4 – Geezer Lax

Got out with fellow faculty and friends (i.e., ringers from the area!) yesterday to scrimmage the Hyde-Bath varsity lacrosse team.  We were able to put the young’uns in their place by a score of something like 16-8. However, I must say I was so impressed by the improvement so many of the kids have shown since March.


Funny thing, but I find that the more my skills fade, the more I cherish the opportunity to just get out there and play. The truth is, I haven’t found all that many things that I like to do — and by “like,” I’m thinking along the lines of unbridled joy — as much as I like to play lacrosse.  I felt that way as an 8th grader in 1968. I feel that way as a Senior Citizen in 2015.
Lax 2015

Onward, Malcolm Gauld