Malert #1 – H-Bomb @ 21!

Malert H3

H-Bomb turns 21!!!

The Merritt House on the Hyde-Bath campus was the ultimate party house last Friday night when scores of alums, students, faculty, and friends helped us celebrate Harrison Gauld’s 21st birthday.

As the photo above suggests, we chatted, ate, danced, toasted, and roasted (our guest of honor) well into the night.  We even got Harrison’s grandfather – Hyde founder Joe Gauld – on to the dance floor.  (Truth be told, it was a lot harder to get him off of it!)

There’s something about my son that can really get folks to loosen up and chill.  Here he is playing patty-cake with Hyde-Woodstock head of school Bob Felt ’90.

Malert H2

And here he is shuckin’ and jivin’ with Hyde-Woodstock’s Peter Gregory ’89.

Malert H1

‘Twas a night to remember for Harrison, our family, and all attendees.  Thanks all!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld