Life Post-Hyde: A Faculty Perspective

Today’s guest blogger writes with the faculty perspective.  Anya Woronzoff-Dashkoff was a member of the Woodstock faculty from 2004 to 2007 when she decided to pursue her Master’s in Education from Harvard.  As a faculty member, she embraced the Hyde experience personally and professionally, and modeled maturity and poise as she led students, parents, and her peers through the day-to-day of life at Hyde.  While she is missed, I know she is doing wonderful work teaching American Literature to sophomores at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory in Houston, TX.

Similar to many of our students, life post-Hyde has been an experience where one realizes the true impact of the values and beliefs instilled upon us more prominently after the fact. My life since Hyde has been about continually challenging myself to be a woman of character and integrity even though I may now not be surrounded by a supportive community of students and faculty who know exactly what character education is all about. Although I may at times fail in my decisions, Hyde has given me a solid sense of self and because of this I realize my failures are as important as my successes. My current work at a more traditional school has shown me that Hyde faculty go above and beyond the call of duty, they strive everyday to be models of a process, to grow and to change in ways that many young adults are not privy to seeing an adult do.  The moments I miss most at Hyde are what I call the “inbetweens” like watching a soccer game with the young women of Warren Hall, a quick follow up conversation in the hallway, riding the bus back with the JV basketball team, or having a student decide that we should have dinner together.  I can also remember those moments at Hyde where I longed for more time to myself, just a few more hours a sleep or just one week off from my duty.  Now that I have that time off I find myself filling up those hours with marathon training, volunteering, and taking classes.  The hours may be there but similar to Hyde I have filled them with opportunities to challenge myself, to expect the best of myself and of others.