It’s All About The Kids

Sometimes you can get so into the numbers – enrollment, fund-raising dollars, etc. – that you can forget what it’s all about… The Kids.

My favorite moment(s) so far in the 2011-12 academic year:

Next time you visit Woodstock, you can’t miss Uzoma Agbosionye.  At 6’-11” he tends to stand out in any crowd, to say nothing of one consisting of teenagers. Anyway, no sooner had I parked my car in the parking lot before Uzoma bounded right up to me and introduced himself.  In order to quickly acquaint him with the fine art of razzing – Hyde style (!) – I asked him if he was our new 177-pound recruit for the wrestling team.  Smiling, he informed me that he played basketball.  Tongue-in-cheek, I asked him if he was any good.  He replied in earnest, “I’ve only played one year. I’m good in Nigeria, but I’m not good in America.  My goal is to get good in America.”  He also told me that he was planning to play soccer in the fall… that is, as soon as he can secure a pair of size-18 soccer cleats.

While I’m certain that you’ll like Uzoma upon meeting him, I have been struck by two anecdotes involving him:

1)  After he had been at Hyde 48+- hours, someone asked him for his impressions.  He replied, “I can’t believe that you can get seconds. I’ve never really been in a place where you can get seconds.”  While I can’t recall a Hyde kid who has referred to the dining experience that way, I’m thinking: maybe Uzoma will be a good influence around here.

2)  At the first school meeting of the year, Uzoma offered, “I hope that the younger students will be obedient toward their teachers.”  Like I said, I’m thinking that Uzoma will be a good influence around here!

And about that basketball thing, out of the goodness of his heart, Coach Bragg has graciously offered his time to see if he can help this kid out….

Onward,  Malcolm