Hyde’s BHAG in 3 Sentences

Hyde goes laconic…

A few of us were sitting around talking about the merits of a current Internet marketing program that challenges participants to summarize their Big Idea in 3 sentences — essentially a minimalist spin on the BHAG (“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”) idea posed by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras in their landmark 1994 book Built to Last.  So, we started scatter-braining on Hyde relative to our nation’s educational ills.  I figured I’d take a shot at it — problem to solution —  in the requisite three sentences:

When it comes to kids in America today, we care more about what they can do than about who they are… and they know it.  We desperately need to switch our focus from aptitude to attitude, from ability to effort, and from talent to character. If our parents will lead this change, our schools will follow.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld