Hyde To Go – The App

I’m excited to announce that Jenny Collinson (Hyde’s Director of Communications & Marketing) and I are working together on Hyde To Go, a new app that we intend to launch before the end of the current school year.

Hyde To Go will provide users with a selection of quick booster shots of… well… Hyde.

Our initial launch this spring will feature 50+- exercises or readings — most are about 2 minutes in length, but all will be under 5 minutes — that can be accessed by those on the go.  Each piece can be accessed via both visual and audio means.

While some purists might be suspicious of the whole notion of “Hyde Light,” I guess I would respond with two observations:

1) Hyde exists to help parents help kids develop the inner leadership they need to discover their unique potential.  First and foremost, the primary purpose of this app is to be helpful to kids and parents.

2) Sometimes a little bit of Hyde is better than no Hyde at all.

For years — I guess it’s going on decades now — I have boasted that “Hyde has forgotten more about personal character development and family renewal and growth than most schools know.” So, this project will back up this boast by pulling together scores of lessons and concepts that have echoed thru the halls of Hyde during the past half–century.

Some of these will be familiar to the vast majority of Hyde folks: The Rich Uncle Interview Dilemma, The 7-11 Dilemma, Effort Savings Bank, The Lobster Story, Truth over Harmony, etc.

Others may only be recalled by a select few: Charlie Everybody, Give ’em Seven, Nobodycaresville, Don’t Lie & Don’t Quit.

For our initial launch, we intend to offer about 50 lessons and plan to increase offerings in future updates.  As Jenny and I plan and prepare, we welcome your ideas and submissions.  Either email me directly (mgauld@hyde.edu) or respond in the comment space of this blog.  I know you’re busy, but… that’s why were doing this!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld