Hyde TO GO – Give ‘Em 7

Give ‘Em Seven… 5 Fingers & 2 Eyes

This one’s quick and easy.

Have you ever noticed that the simple act of introducing one’s self is a lost art?  Give ‘Em Seven is a simple way to teach our kids – whether they be our own children or our students – to introduce themselves to others.  Not only that, but it can also provide ourselves with a quick check on our own manners in this regard.  (It never hurts to freshen those up!)

Simply tell your kids: “Give ‘em, seven: 5 fingers and two eyes.”

It’s easy to do and easy to remember: Give a firm hand shake with your whole hand and simultaneously look the person straight in the eye… with both your eyes.

Try it next time you are with your son, daughter, or student:
– First, both of you “give seven” to the person you are meeting.
– Second, critique each other’s presentation.

That’s it.