Hyde To Go – Get It!

As you may have heard, Hyde To Go is now available for your downloading pleasure. So, get on over to the Apple App store and Get It!

On the one hand, it’s come from idea to downloadable app in a relatively short amount of time. We started kicking the idea around in March and pretty much had all 48 lessons written by May. All of the recordings — students, faculty, parents, and alums contributed their voices — were completed before school ended. Meanwhile, we were in search of a good developer…

This search led us halfway around the world, literally, before we came to terms with Praveen Kumar of newagesmb, a firm located in India. (Funny, but when we put out our call for proposals, over 80% came from firms located outside the U.S.) The above photo shows Praveen and his team proudly showing the Hyde To Go app on their mobile devices.

Praveen and his team sure seem to like the app.  So will you, once you… Get It!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld