Hyde To Go – Coming Soon!…

… to a mobile device near you!


It’s out of our hands… Hyde To Go – Your Portable Conscience has been submitted to Apple for final approval.  In a couple of weeks (we’re told) the app will be available (free of charge!) for downloading on your favorite mobile device.

What is it?

The Hyde To Go app is offered to help parents, teachers, and  kids develop the character and leadership they need to fulfill their unique potential. Whether you hope to strengthen character within yourself or in someone else, the Hyde To Go App offers 48 short inspirational lessons to help people do just that. These lessons are offered as brief, helpful steps in the long journey of personal, family, or community development. Each lesson offers a reading that can be accessed either visually or audibly and is followed by a few questions to consider. The lessons are organized according to six categories:

  1. Bet On the Truth
  2. Persist
  3. Inner Leadership
  4. Do Your Best
  5. The Biggest Job (Parenting)
  6. Self & Group Assessment

Hyde To Go 6-category-icons-screenshot

As long as life’s journey may be, it often seems that its pace is ever-increasing. We’re always on the go. So is this app.

So, keep an eye on the App Store this month. Then Download. Tell your friends to do the same. Repeat.