Hyde TO GO App: 7-11 Dilemma

As mentioned in my previous post, our Hyde TO GO App will present some tried-and-true Hyde stuff as well as some lessons on the more obscure side.  To offer a few examples, here’s a Hyde classic: The “7-11” Dilemma.

The “7-11 Dilemma” has been a Hyde staple for decades and has been presented to hundreds of students, teachers, and parents.  First, The facts:

You drop in to a 7-11 to grab a quick snack.  After settling on a Coke and a bag of chips, you head for the cash register.  As the third customer in line, you notice that the attendant behind the register is a bit flustered by all the activity in the store.  She’s looks as if she’s already had a long day.  She is trying to keep her eye on two young teens in the back of the store whom she suspects are trying to steal some beef jerky. The customer in front of you is rudely interrupting the transaction in front of him by briskly inquiring about the directions to the local shopping mall and another customer is angrily waving the gasoline pump nozzle because he can’t get it to pump any gasoline. 

Then it’s your turn and the attendant tabulates your purchases.  Your purchase totals $2.00 and you give her a ten dollar bill.  Amid the confusion, the attendant takes your five and says, “OK, that’s two dollars.  Here’s your eight and here’s your ten.  Next customer!” 

Due to her divided attention, the attendant has made your visit to the 7-11 a very profitable one.  You walked in with ten dollars and you are leaving with a Coke, a bag of chips and eighteen dollars. Furthermore, she is now dealing with the two teens, relieved that they have decided to pay for the beef jerky.  It is clear to you that she is oblivious to her blunder.

The Dilemma:

  1. What would you do?
  2. Do you think there is a right thing to do in this situation?
  3. Why? Or why not?
  4. How does your answer to #1 square with your answer to #2?

It all sounds simple enough, right?  In my next post, I’ll offer a bit of analysis on the 7-11 Dilemma.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld