Hyde Surfing Team – Meet #2

Look out, Kelly Slater!!! Yesterday I joined forces with the Hyde Surfing Team — a gnarly group of Bath and Woodstock students and faculty — for a day on the water at “The Wall” on Hampton Beach (NH). While folks might not naturally place the words “Hyde” and “laid back” in the same sentence, the label certainly applies to the Hyde Surfing Team. For one thing, our last “meet” was held at the same break in… 1997. (For the record, Messrs. Bragg, Rigney and I — the lone veterans of both teams — assess the talent levels of both squads as roughly equal.) For another, a few team members didn’t even get off the bench… er, beach… yesterday.  (But regardless, and most importantly, all attendees received official team t-shirts reprising the 1997 “tour” design.) Yesterday was a testament to the time-honored surfing adage: “The best surfer out in the water is the one having the most fun.” Hyde Surfing Team… We’re Stoked! Onward,  Malcolm Gauld


Photos by Luke Kyriazis from the Surfing Trip: Enjoy!