Hyde Phases #4: Summary

Relative to the EEMO scale, the Preparatory Phase student reflects a mixture of Off-Track and Motions attitudes and behaviors.  Here are some of the characteristics:

  • Student is often unwilling to meet expectations in some or many areas of school life.  The student may exhibit a negative attitude or interact with faculty and peers with a negative tone.
  • Student may be unwilling to follow examples of peers and accept leadership.
  • Parents often have more ownership of student’s best than student her/himself.  In fact, absent the parents’ commitment, the student might not even be enrolled at the school.
  • Student needs to learn how to make better choices and follow expectations including adherence to respect for Hyde ethics.
  • Free time may be spent in counter-productive behavior.
  • Student may be following basic expectations to avoid negative consequences.

The Transition Phase student tends to be firmly engaged in the Effort level of the EEMO scale.  He or she:

  • Displays appropriate conduct, behavior, and attitude in and around school;
  • Demonstrates a desire to change by accepting challenges in daily school life and by developing positive personal relationships;
  • May, at times, have a foot in two worlds (e.g., Off-Track and Effort);
  • Begins to practice applications of Hyde’s principles in interactions with faculty, peers and family members;
  • Begins to listen to an inner voice (e.g., conscience) that seeks to move forward with principled and productive actions;
  • Verbalizes and reflects a commitment to his or her best (“Don’t Lie, Don’t Quit”) through following school ethics and not quitting;
  • Reflects an emerging consistency of productive lifestyles across the spectrum of school, home, and family.  (In HydeSpeak: Hyde-Self and Home-Self are positive and consistent.)

The student in the Leadership Phase has demonstrated a proven Consistency in terms of attitudes and behaviors and is beginning to reflect a commitment to personal Excellence.  (e.g., The Hyde Diploma standard reads “This individual is ready to conduct his or her life according to standards of personal excellence.”)  He or she:

  • Presents as trustworthy and consistent with positive actions and attitude;
  • Assumes ownership of aspects of school and home life and makes a positive difference;
  • Honors Hyde ethics and is committed to grappling with Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper ethic;
  • Purposefully mentors other students and elevates their learning and personal growth;
  • Demonstrates an excitement toward learning and the courage to move forward despite fears;
  • Models courage through public speaking, truth telling, and hard work;
  • Engages in authentic partnership with teachers and family;
  • Reflects a commitment to a conscience-driven life;
  • Demonstrates leadership in family, home-self and school.

With each of these levels comes a requisite set of Expectations, Structure, and Opportunities.  As I write, students and faculty are engaged in an extensive assessment process that will result in the assignment of one of these levels for each student.  Re-assessment will occur at intervals of approximately twice a semester.  At such time, students will either ascend or descend Phases.

With anxious and hopeful anticipation… Onward,  Malcolm Gauld