Hyde Mission: By The Numbers

During the recent Fall Family Weekends at Bath and Woodstock, I spoke of our Mission by the Numbers. Here it is, 1 thru 5.

1. We honor one founding mission: “Every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.” – Joseph Gauld, 1966

2. We help people do two things: 1) Develop character; 2) Discover a deeper purpose in their lives.

3. Our work focuses on three emphases:
– A fully integrated program of character development. Character is not an “add-on” at Hyde. It permeates everything we do.
Family renewal resulting from real parent participation. Parents begin Hyde with an enrolled child and leave with a stronger family than they ever could have imagined.
College Preparation – over 99% of Hyde’s graduates attend four-year colleges.

4. Hyde students develop a character compass with four points: 1) a clear philosophy of character: five words and principles; 2) a faculty that will go to the end of the earth for the benefit of our students and families; 3) the most dynamic and inspiring peer culture in the country; and 4) a family program that deeply touches the lives of every member.

5. We aim to provide a “top-five” experience, one that students and parents will come to regard as among the top five most profound experiences of their lives.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld