Hyde & Character

10 Points of Differentiation

I’m often asked a question along the lines of… “How is Hyde’s focus on character unique in comparison to a host of other schools that claim to develop character?”  In response, I humbly present ten points of differentiation.

  1. We were first (1966).
  2. Fifty years later, we may well be the only one that truly puts it first.
  3. We are guided and fueled by our founding premise: “Every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.”
  4. School is for kids… Hyde is for families.
  5. Many schools have shields adorned with words – often in Latin – that are rarely discussed. Our students and faculty not only know our 5 words, we talk about them… all the time.
  6. Most schools care about what kids can do more than about who they are. We care about who kids are more than about what they can do.
  7. We’re all about attitude over aptitude, effort over ability, and character over talent.
  8. We respect learning differences among our students, but expect a positive attitude from each and every one as we work toward genuine curiosity.
  9. At most schools, athletics and performing arts are for the kids who are already good at them. We honor the inner athlete, artist, and performer in every student.
  10. We look out for each other. Sometimes to an uncomfortable extent… for all parties involved.
    Onward, Malcolm Gauld