Hyde Alum on Jay Leno!

Last night, I sent the following email to all Hyde faculty:

I thought you all would be interested to know that Adam Greenberg ’96, arguably Hyde’s best ever wrestler (e.g., our only 4-time New England prep champ), will perform tomorrow night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  (Note: His stage name is Adam Hunter.)

Adam’s story is an amazing example of persistence.  After Hyde he went to Hofstra with plans to wrestle.  When he abruptly quit the team, most of us were surprised.  However, we were shocked when he announced his plans to junk school and become… a….. stand-up comic.  (If you had asked me to pick the top-20 lines of work he might end up in, comedy would not have made the list.) For one thing, he was a very serious kid.  In fact, I can’t remember him cracking a joke during his time with us!

But he went after it just like he went after wrestling.  One of his tactics: He would go into New York clubs and just walk up and grab the microphone acting as though he was on the schedule to appear.  (i.e., He wasn’t.)  Sometimes he would get tossed out and sometimes the emcee would let him stay if he was getting laughs.  A few years ago, he got a gig on Last Comic Standing and made it to the finals.  Ever since, he has been a working comic living out in LA and playing clubs and college campuses across the country.

Needless to say, we are very proud of Adam.  He’s a walking, talking, joke-cracking example of what it means to go after your dreams.  

So, be sure to check out Adam tonight (8/29) on Jay Leno!

Onward,  Malcolm