Hyde Afloat

boat btb
Given Bath, Maine’s nickname of “The City of Ships,” it makes sense that our Summer Challenge Program in Bath would feature a bit of boat-building. So, each Discovery Group (7-8 students in each) was challenged to create a floating vessel that could float each member from one side of the Duck Pond to the other. Sink-Or-Float day was yesterday (7/27). Prizes would be presented in four award categories:

boat box
– The Submarine Award for the first to sink. (At Hyde we place a premium on risk-taking…;-) Each participant would receive a free sandwich from… ahem!… Subway.

– The Lego Prize would be presented to the group still working out the details when the boats hit the water.

– The NASCAR Award would be presented to the first boat to successfully transport all group members from one side of the pond to the other.

– The Float Prize would go to the most seaworthy (i.e., fewest leaks) vessel. All the winners of this distinction would receive… ba-da-bum!… root beer floats!

As an observer, I must say that I was highly impressed with the quality of the workmanship. In fact, next year we’ll have to invite the folks from the Bath Iron Works to check it out. The event also featured the opportunity for solitude…

boat solitudeand also for laughs…

boat laffs
We also did justice to the doctrine of safety first with Ben Mooney ’17 piloting the safety boat.

boat intern
We even uncovered some mysteries, like whatever happened to all the Poland Spring bottles missing around campus:

boat ps

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld