“How David Beats Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell

A number of readers out there have e-mailed me Malcolm Gladwell’s latest New Yorker piece – “How David Beats Goliath.” It’s a great piece. Definitely check it out.

There are some books and writings that are, plain-and-simple, “Hyde pieces.” When they appear in print, I often receive e-mail tip-offs from many of you. These messages are often prefaced with something like “I’m sure that everyone has already sent you this, but…..” OR “Since I’m sure you’ve already gotten this from a whole bunch of Hyde folks, I almost didn’t send it to you.”

Please keep them coming! For one thing, sometimes everyone does not send me stuff. For another, even when “everyone” does, that’s a meaningful sign that the piece really strikes a chord and tells me that I ought to pay attention.

As for the Gladwell piece, it is a classic example of his propensity to analyze common, everyday challenges through new and unique eyeglasses. Here he covers everything from basketball to warfare and explores a long history of Davids who have beaten Goliaths. They win because they recognize that they are underdogs and refuse to be bound by the conventional wisdom that serves the Goliaths. They break the rules and make their own, thereby throwing the Goliaths off-guard. Gladwell writes,

“We tell ourselves that skill is the precious resource and effort is the commodity. It’s the other way around. Effort can trump ability….because relentless effort is in fact something rarer than the ability to engage in some finely tuned act of motor coordination.”

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Onward, Malcolm Gauld