Guest Post: Bath Summer Leadership Challenge Outdoor Adventures and Science

The students played volleyball and kickball in the fields for some fun and had a great time turning their discovery groups into competitive teams.

SLC2016Sports_0003 SLC2016Sports_0013 SLC2016Sports_0010

Next, they did some scientific studies to learn about the beach and sea life such as melting sea shells using chemistry and simulating life as a sea turtle by trying to find food blindfolded and not being able to know the difference between a meal and a plastic bag.

SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0026                                SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0046                              SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0023

SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0050 SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0012 SLC2016_ScienceLabs_0021

Finally, the students went on a day excursion to Monhegan Island, an artists community about an hour from the mainland by boat. There they toured the museum and explored the island with the goal to complete a twelve line poem and an illustration.

SLC2016Monhegan_0013 SLC2016Monhegan_0011 SLC2016Monhegan_0015