Guest Post: Bath Summer Leadership Challenge 2016 Eustis Trip

The students packed up and traveled one hundred and twenty-four miles north to the beautiful, mountainous wild of Eustis, Maine. There they stayed at separate campsites with their discovery groups playing games, learning about camping, and bonding.

Boy filling a bucket with water from a lake Three boys playing an outdoor game Three boys laughing together on a bench at a campsite SLC2016EustisCampsite_0014 SLC2016EustisCampsite_0016 SLC2016EustisCampsite_0018 SLC2016EustisCampsite_0024  SLC2016EustisCampsite_0026 SLC2016EustisCampsite_0033 SLC2016EustisCampsite_0040 (1) SLC2016EustisCampsite_0042SLC2016EustisCampsite_0045

During the trip, the students were able to hike a mountain and go canoeing around scenic flagstaff lake.

SLC2016EustisCanoe_0001 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0004 2 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0004 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0009 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0013 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0014 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0015 SLC2016EustisCanoe_0016