Guest Post: Bath Summer Leadership Challenge 2016 Days 2 & 3

On Day 2 of the 2016 Hyde Bath Summer Leadership Challenges, the students went down to the fields in front of the mansion to do some Discovery Group Challenges. Each activity brought out their leadership and brought each disco group closer together.

SLC2016GroupChallenges_0026 SLC2016GroupChallenges_0027 SLC2016GroupChallenges_0028 SLC2016GroupChallenges_0032 SLC2016GroupChallenges_0034 SLC2016GroupChallenges_0021

Later that evening, everyone gathered in the gym for an introduction to Performing Arts at hyde, where they played a game similar to but much more challenging than Simon Says. After the game was finished, they were instructed to come together as disco groups and come up with their group’s country, animal, and cheer.


The students woke up early and headed out to the track for a mile run. At the end of the program, they’ll do this again to see how much they’ve improved since. Everyone cheered each other on and did their best.

SLC2016MileRun_0046 SLC2016MileRun_0053 SLC2016MileRun_0076 SLC2016MileRun_0082 SLC2016MileRun_0119 SLC2016MileRun_0121 SLC2016MileRun_0133 SLC2016MileRun_0146SLC2016MileRun_0159 SLC2016MileRun_0160 SLC2016MileRun_0168 SLC2016MileRun_0173 SLC2016MileRun_0177 SLC2016MileRun_0203 SLC2016MileRun_0222

Next, the gym was occupied so that there could be a multitude of athletic competitions.

IMG_6119 IMG_6137 IMG_6175 IMG_6180 IMG_6376 IMG_6398 IMG_6484 IMG_6489 IMG_6585 IMG_6641 IMG_6659 IMG_6680 IMG_6763 IMG_6777 IMG_6909