Guest Post: Bath Summer Leadership Challenge 2016 Community Activities

The students were given opportunities for community service on Friday and they did a fantastic job helping out in quite a few different ways: They volunteered for The Theater Project, Habitat For Humanity Maine, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention, Plant Memorial Home, Collinson Farm, the ArtVan, Morris Farm in Wiscasset, and the Chocolate Church Arts Center.

SLC2016CommunityService_0080 SLC2016CommunityService_0072 SLC2016CommunityService_0067 SLC2016CommunityService_0047        SLC2016CommunityService_0037       SLC2016CommunityService_0064       SLC2016CommunityService_0043 SLC2016CommunityService_0021 SLC2016CommunityService_0060SLC2016CommunityService_0005      SLC2016CommunityService_0018          SLC2016CommunityService_0029           SLC2016CommunityService_0003

The next day, the students learned how to prepare foods in a Culinary Challenge set in the dining hall. Thanks to Chef Mike Flynn for organizing and sharing his culinary knowledge!

SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0020       SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0018       SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0011       SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0005 SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0003           SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0007          SLC2016CulinaryChallenge_0013