Guest Post: Bath Summer Leadership Challenge 2016 Boat Adventures and Academics

The students went on trips this week to learn about Maine and its history.  One was a visit the replica of the historic ship “Virginia” in Bath, currently being built, and the other was to catch lobsters in Portland with Lucky Catch.

SLC2016Virginia_0010 SLC2016Virginia_0023  SLC2016Virginia_0019      SLC2016Virginia_0013       SLC2016Virginia_0031         SLC2016Virginia_0030        SLC2016Virginia_0015

SLC2016LuckyCatch_0001 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0002 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0003 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0007 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0013 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0014 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0026 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0023 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0033 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0027 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0035 SLC2016LuckyCatch_0005

Next, the students did some serious studying and research to prepare for their history presentations in front of the whole school later in the week.  Topics included Fort Popham, Bath Iron Works, the Hyde Mansion, historic downtown Bath, and Thomas W. Hyde (the school’s namesake).

SLC2016Academics_0002 SLC2016Academics_0006 SLC2016Academics_0005