Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge – Trip to see the “Virginia”

Bath #HydeJourney Trip to see the “Virginia”
by Susa Breese ’17

One of the four wonderful discovery groups set out on a bus to charming downtown Bath to see a replica in the works of the first ship ever built in Maine. The ship called “Virginia” has had volunteers work on rebuilding it for five years.


The students learned about the ship’s travels, who built it, when, and what purpose the ship had. Then they got to step into the framework of the vessel itself and look around.


After all the sights, everyone hopped right back on the bus to go to the docks, where there is a great view of the Bath Iron Works. We relaxed in the summer breeze, played fetch with two cute labrador retrievers, and someone even caught a catfish!


The adventure wasn’t over yet. What better way to end a warm, seaside day than with ice cream? We stopped by Dots, the local ice cream shop, and had our fill before returning to campus.