Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge Speeches

Bath #HydeJourney Speeches
by Susa Breese ’17

All the students came together under the chandelier in the Mansion to give speeches. This activity not only gave them the opportunity to get to know themselves and their lives better, but to start to use their courage and face the fear of public speaking head-on.


You could tell some were very nervous, for their two-minute orations were centered around pivotal moments in their lives, times when they knew they had to change their path or way of seeing the world.


Despite all of the pressure and nervousness, each student stood up and gave a powerful speech about their lives and how that has shaped where they are today. In witnessing each other’s strength delivering the orations, those who were worried sick about the presentation became more comfortable knowing that all their friends were doing the same thing.

One student was very apprehensive at the thought of speaking, but called upon the support of their discovery group to stand up and give their speech. It was entrancing and inspiring to watch these students, their words were powerful and their stories captivating. Everyone was able to see each other at a deeper level and really understand each other better.

After each round of speaking, all those who had given a speech stood up for feedback. I heard nothing but support from those who responded. People spoke about how they related to a struggle, or wanted to talk to them about something they had both been through. Some applauded the strength and the talent some of the students had in their deliveries, and some just shouted out names and cheered.


You could tell that everyone in the room had learned so much more about each other, and in that discovered more compassion for one another. The bonds that had been forming up until then were solidified by a shared experience as nerve-wracking and rewarding as this.