Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge – Kayaking Trip

Bath #HydeJourney Kayaking Trip
by Susa Breese ’17

Saturday afternoon everyone went out sea kayaking on the New Meadows River. Disco group by disco group we went out onto the warm, blue water.


We paddled around the pine-trimmed river, some on kayaks, some on paddle-boards.


We met up, all four discovery groups, next to two sailboats in a cove to play a game of sharks and minnows. One student took it upon him to camouflage himself in the tall grass near the shore, being in a green boat and all.


As the sun floated down upon the bed of evergreens in the horizon, we reached the beach. This is where we would eat a nice barbecue dinner and enjoy the sunset. After the sun went down we built a fire and had a great time exchanging words and made-up songs.