Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of the Bath #HydeJourney
By Susa Breese ’17


On Tuesday morning, everyone went out past the courtyard of the mansion to a big open field near the gates of Hyde.


Four activities to show leadership were set up in four spots on the field. The first activity was a “minefield” that you had to instruct your blindfolded partner across without stepping on any “mines.” Not only did this put the participants in a situation in which they had to be responsible for the outcome of their partner, it also made the participants listen and cooperate to get to a common goal. This exercise was prone to humor-filled antics when the facilitators would place “mines” in the way of players to make it more challenging.


The second activity was a horizontal rope strung at about waist’s height that everyone had to get over without touching. Of course, some people could just jump or step over, but some people had a harder time. The participants had to work together to get their whole team over the rope, and they had lots of fun doing it.


The third activity was a giant tangled rope in the middle of a circle of blindfolded people. The goal was to untangle it and form a perfect square without using eyesight. Cooperation at its peak, each group that attempted this feat was successful. Leadership showed as people stepped up with their ideas.


The fourth and final activity was two ropes laid out away from each other on the grass, and the objective was to get from one rope to the other using “lily pads.” Some people were instructed not to speak or not to use their arm or leg, so they had to depend on another person to compensate for the setback. You always had to be touching a “lily pad” with your hands or feet while placing more “lily pads” further out. If you lost contact with a “lily pad,” either the lily pad or you would “go down the river” or be taken out of the game. This made it so that everyone had to figure out how to get to the next rope using the limited resources they had. It was all about strategy and letting each other lead.


After lunch, everyone headed out on an orientation tour of the campus. They got to see all of the buildings, fields, and areas of campus. They hit the gym, the health center, the dining hall and even the deans area.


Having learned more about their environment, the students went back to their dorms where they got to hang out for a while and get to know each other better.


At the end of the day, after dinner, everyone headed to the gym for an introduction to performing arts, where eight of our facilitators and student leaders got up in front of everyone and showed them what an “audition” was like.

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Each person sung for 1 whole minute acapella after introducing himself or herself. It was so much fun and very entertaining to see the talent and passion of the auditions, and let everyone know how to do it for when it will be their turn next week.

Before everyone went to sleep, we had a fun dorm activity to get to know each other even more and have some more fun before the day was completely over.

In conclusion, it was a full day of leadership and getting to know each other and the campus.

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