Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge Camping Trip

Bath #HydeJourney Camping Trip
by Susa Breese ’17

The students traveled North to the dense forest and mountainous wilderness of Eustis, Maine. There they stayed on Hyde’s lush property on Flagstaff Lake for three days.

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On the first day, Friday, we set up camp in four different locations, each discovery group in its own neck of the woods. While getting familiar with the lay of the land and adapting to the forest environment, everyone played games and laughed around the campfire, eagerly awaiting our adventures the following day.


Saturday, two discovery groups were set to hike up Cranberry Peak, two thousand foot mountain. No easy feat, but with the resilience and support of their discovery group, both groups made it all the way to the top with smiles on their faces. Everyone took turns leading the group up the tough terrain, their leadership forming swiftly.After a long hike of primarily uphill battles, the cool wind on the top of the mountain was relieving and refreshing.


The last day brought another exciting adventure. The students went canoeing around Flagstaff Lake. It was so much fun to paddle across the smooth, freshwater lake with friends. Wearing life jackets, no one was scared of diving into the cool water when they had been paddling away in the sun all day, and at one point, when the wind was strong and we were getting a little tired, some of the students decided to play around. Splashing, rocking the boat, even jumping into each other’s canoes were hilarious and lively actions that resulted in an all around enjoyable time.


We made it back to camp safe and sound, put some brownies in a makeshift dutch oven, and went right off again to go on a Moose watching expedition. One discovery group saw a big old bull moose on the side of the road and were amazed at its size and grandeur. With its long antlers and poised face, it sure was a sight to see. That night we had s’mores and brownies and celebrated our weekend in the woods.


The next morning the students rode back to campus with all new fond memories. It was the end of this week but not close to the end of this Summer Leadership Challenge.

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