Guest Post: Bath Summer Challenge – Boatbuilding Contest

Bath #HydeJourney Boatbuilding Contest
by Susa Breese ’17

The monday afternoon of the last week of Summer Leadership Challenge, the discovery groups paraded down to the duck pond outside the mansion with their makeshift boats. They had been working on these boats for weeks now, and they were ready to take them to water.


The three judges watched as well as a large group of onlookers as each discovery group waved its flag and set out its boat. Surprisingly enough, all of the roughly put together boats not only floated, but carried students across the pond.


Everyone was being a great sport, even if they messed up. They helped each other if a group was struggling and eventually everyone got to the finish line.


The winner was to be the group to get all their students across without touching the bottom of the pond. The reigning champ ended up being the discovery group that had named themselves “The Koalas.” You’ll see their insignia on their patriotic flag.