Go Cyber Wolves!!!

We got spirit... How 'bout you?!?

Three years ago, the Hyde Robotics Team came into being. While the first year featured a catch-as-catch-can schedule, the initiative has evolved into a full-fledged varsity team sport complete with coach (David Brooks), daily practices, and participation in state and regional competitions where it is beginning to show impressive results.  As a matter of fact, at an event sponsored by the University of New Hampshire, the team finished 15th in a field of 41 teams from all over New England.

At last Friday’s (4/6/18) community meeting, all of us were treated to an impressive presentation of this year’s efforts. It started with a metallic contraption and yellow box staring at us from center stage.

With the “Hmm…” factor high, we were told that this contraption (i.e., robot) had been built from scratch by the team. We were also told by team member Rachel Willey ’20 (Boise, ID) what tasks the robot was about to perform for our viewing pleasure:

1) turn and move to the yellow box;
2) grab and secure said box in its “arms;”
3) turn and move (with box) across the entire stage;
4) drop box at Rachel’s feet.

And, as if that would not be impressive enough, Rachel added that all of these actions would be dictated and controlled by a remote device that she was holding in her hand. With spectatorial (word?) skepticism in the air, the show began. So, how did it go?

Well, here is the robot moving with the box across the stage…

And here is robot at stage edge with Rachel explaining some of its finer points.

Job well done! Suffice it to say that all of us were truly impressed by the accomplishments of the Hyde Robotics team. (Fun Fact: They call themselves the Cyber Wolves!) More to come.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld