Founder’s Findings #58 – Parenting: The Unrealized Profession (6)

Childhood is vital to the discovery of who we really are. Parents and family are critical to overseeing this vital process, and sadly, society is oblivious how parents and family are losing control.

First, while peer pressure was once a natural first step in letting go of one’s parents, peer pressure today is more like a mafia experience. It’s powerfully organized around the Internet, utilizing weapons like iPhones, iPods, and Face Book and further subsidized by electronic/music/clothing/cosmetic industries. A tremendous investment is involved in this network.

What used to be cliques and clubs has morphed into this huge iCulture, whose influence indoctrinates its self-centered attitudes and values in youth, that quite bluntly, generally undermine the purposes and authority of parents.

The shrinking influence of the American family and the loss of its support system is no match for this highly organized iCulture.

So parents are making their peace with it. While they seek some control, they don’t want their children left out. Therefore, parents buy their children the necessary iCulture equipment, while sometimes negotiating their children’s iCulture parties.

Where does that leave parents and family, the primary source for preparing kids for life? Too often, home is a place where kids sleep, and parents a taxi service to athletic contests and the local mall, and sometimes, organizing a family dinner around the TV set.

Joe Gauld