Founder’s Findings #55 – Parenting: The Unrealized Profession (3)

This laissez-faire attitude by society toward parenting can have frightening consequences. In Colonial America, two states passed laws allowing parents to kill a rebellious child. In the 1970s, I talked to a Texas parent after he had killed his pot smoking son, for which he was acquitted by a jury of his peers. He was still convinced he had done the right thing. Today society essentially allows parents, even teenagers, “to do their own thing.”

I call parenting “voodoo,” because after centuries of experience, in contrast to other professions, there has been no real attempt to determine the best way and the best skills with which to parent children. There are thousands of experts, with no body of knowledge to either support or refute them. Unlike almost all other human endeavors, there are simply no standards to measure good or bad parenting.

Joe Gauld