Founder’s Findings #54 – Parenting: The Unrealized Profession (2)

Because society sought the best in professionals over the centuries, information was gathered and rigorous systems of training and research were devised. So today these other professionals constantly improve and remain up-to-date, with a quality ranging from acceptable to exceptional. Observe for example, the incredible integration of superior knowledge and skill in health care. Incompetency is rare; only human imperfection-the doctor who murders a spouse or the lawyer who commits fraud-mar these professions.

However since childrearing has never been a competitive commodity, society has crassly and stupidly chosen to leave this greatest of all human endeavors solely in the hands of individual parents. Short of extreme abuse or neglect, parents are allowed to raise their children any way they chose. Not surprisingly, no standard of excellence has ever been established, and sometimes the results are atrocious.

Joe Gauld