Founder’s Findings #52 – Gift of Imperfection, Part 7

While therapeutic help is becoming more acceptable in our society, it is mind boggling to imagine so many of us needing such help. This in itself probably explains why this mental disorder rate is so high. In our society, we try to minimize or hide our problems, so when they do surface, the prevailing approach is: suck it up, and try to move beyond them.

This may seem to work in the short run, but statistics will show how destructive this approach is in the long term to the health and welfare of the individual. With hard work, the negative patterns and attitudes we develop in life can be transformed or transcended, but left unaddressed they will become a magnet for negative energy.

This may well explain why half of our society will experience a mental disorder; they have learned to suck up their initial and little problems and simply tried to move beyond them, and, unknown to them, have created a magnet for negative energy that one day qualified them for a “mental disorder.”

By ignoring or stuffing our imperfections, we have created problem mountains out of mole hills. It is time we accept our imperfections as the gifts that they are, for they provide us with the opportunity to become a human with a soul.