Founder’s Findings #51 – Gift of Imperfection, Part 6

This denial attitude pervades our society. It is estimated that 46.4% of Americans will meet the standard for a mental disorder, and half of these by age 12.

This is a shocking figure. If we eliminate toddlers and the aged infirmed, we can safely say that half of Americans will need professional help with some serious mental imperfections, and half of them will have needed this help since they were 12 years old.

Do we realize the enormity of this situation? This says 75 million Americans should have had therapeutic help before they were 12, and another 75 million later in their lives. In addition, many who did not qualify to meet this standard might still have benefitted from such help as well.

The fact that 75 million Americans needed mental help before age 12 may reaffirm the unhealthy pressure our schools are placing on the sense of worth of our children. It suggests the natural discovery of “who am I” must precede any academic competition in order to develop a healthy and confident child.