Founder’s Findings #50 – Gift of Imperfection, Part 5

But sadly, our society simply does not understand the powerful role that human imperfection plays in the development and the destiny of our lives. To the contrary, our society strongly resists any indication of imperfections, or help to deal with them.

In 2007, 23,200,000 Americans were determined to need specialized intervention treatment with their serious drug or alcohol problem. In response, 21,152,000 said they didn’t need the help; 1,067,200 admitted they needed the help but wouldn’t make the effort to get it. 407,600 (1.8%) admitted they needed help and got it.

These are depressing statistics. The number of drug and alcohol addicts in America is more than double these 23,200,000 Americans, yet at this critical moment in their use, only 1.8% of them were both ready and willing to receive the help they needed.