Founder’s Findings #49 – Gift of Imperfection, Part 4

Hyde Schools serve as a contrast, with its mission of helping each student discover his or her unique potential, through the development of character. It takes students time to shed traditional school attitudes and to realize Hyde’s mission is genuine. But bullying and cheating type attitudes soon disappear, to be replaced by a Brother’s Keeper culture where every student becomes committed to helping all others achieve their best.

Explaining this remarkable transformation is simple. Students find the Hyde philosophy to be “fair;” it eventually inspires their spirit, and they come to believe that fulfilling one’s unique potential is the means to reach one’s true destiny in life. Each is evaluated at Hyde by self/peers/teachers by how well he/she is living up to his/her best.

Now students can be their true selves, to openly deal with their imperfections, and to be in an environment where the imperfections of their parents and teachers are being shared and dealt with as well. This “truth over harmony” atmosphere creates a powerful bond of respect and trust.

This deeper work with one’s true self creates lifetime bonds. As students later struggle with the challenges of life, it isn’t that they have yet discovered their unique potential and destinies. But as they observe the struggles of friends and associates from traditional education, they know they have a much better sense of who they are and where they are going with their lives—a true expression of the human spirit.