Founder’s Findings #42 – Divine #2

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.” – Alexander Pope

There are deeper questions inherent in this quote. Can we become human without erring? And if we don’t truly err, how can we gain divine forgiveness?

I used to think Hyde had gained the reputation for being for “problem kids” because we were so successful with those kids when we first started out, and the label stuck. But recently, I’ve had some serious second thoughts. If the goal is the fulfillment of our unique potential in life, perhaps these “problem kids” may be more on the right road than we realize!

We are born with a spirit and an ego. The spirit is as a powerful inner force that once unleashed, will express itself in anyway it can, bad if not good. The ego, however, is the conscious mediator between self and reality, which constantly seeks to build one’s identity. The spirit needs the discipline of ego, while the ego needs the leadership of spirit.

So we can see the spirit-dominated kid becomes more in touch with his/her inner unique potential, but also more in trouble, while the ego-dominated kid becomes more in control of reality, but less in touch with his/her inner spirit and unique potential.

From this vantage point, the Hyde problem kid becomes more aware of his/her errors and more ready, even sometimes eager, for forgiveness. In contrast, many kids avoid Hyde because they don’t feel they have “problems” and don’t want to associate with those who do.

So are they being taught to deny themselves the joys of humanity and divine forgiveness? Unless they encounter some crisis in life, are they going to miss the deeper meaning of life?

My Best, Joe Gauld