Founder’s Findings #41 – To Err, To Forgive

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.” – Alexander Pope

I see this as a very profound quote. It equates humanity with imperfection and divinity with forgiveness.

We are born with a unique potential, whose realization requires the very best in us, which in turn we develop by setting high expectations for ourselves. However, the higher our expectations, along with our successes, the more problems and failures we experience, and in that sense, the more imperfect we become!

So fulfillment in life is truly a matter of nothing ventured; nothing gained. If you believe that man thrives in adversity but flounders in prosperity, then we must accept pain and hardship as a necessary part of our journey in life.

So no matter how badly we handle this more difficult and critical part of our life, the fact that we have the courage to embark on this imposing challenge, and then at some point in our lives, develop the humility to admit our wrongs and express our desire to do right, wouldn’t this delight the Divine Being who oversees us into forgiving us? In fact, there are even humans who will forgive us as well, no matter how bad we were.

I look forward to your thoughts on this.

Best,Joe Gauld