Founder’s Findings #40 – Your Thoughts?

Now that I have been a guest contributor on Malcolm’s Blog for about 9 months, the question is, am I adding something, or just an irritant to his natural flow? For example, Rush Limbaugh’s people wouldn’t appreciate hearing from a liberal on his show.

So I have an idea to find out. I am presently writing a book that deals with the source of our human imperfections, particularly our childhood wounds. For my next blogs, I’ll share some of the ideas I am working on, and ask you to respond with your thoughts and reactions. Your responses will give me thoughts and material for the book; no responses will tell me I’m in the wrong ball park. I won’t take this personally, because I have great respect for Mal’s writing talent, and besides, he’s my son!

So I will begin my next blog entry with this profound quote by Alexander Pope: “To Err is Human; To Forgive is Divine.” I say the secret to living life is tied up in that statement. See you next week.

Best, Joe Gauld