Founder’s Finding #59 – Parenting: The Unrealized Profession (7)

Meanwhile, our national and educational leaders remain oblivious to all this, because of their preoccupation with test scores – having committed our kids like cattle to all become 100% academically proficient by year 2014. This isn’t what our forefathers meant when they founded our nation on the ideal: All men are created equal. They saw each of us as unique, and they sought to establish laws to respect our unique potentials.

This test score emphasis will fail, just as similar educational reform efforts have for the past 60 years, because it fails to respect the levels and sequencing in student learning.

Since we all have mind-heart-soul levels of human understanding, our leaders focus on the student’s mind, while the I-Culture captures the student’s heart and soul. Picture student reaction to a classroom opposed to a rock concert, and you get the idea.

Unfortunately, just as parents have acquiesced to the I-Culture, so have they acquiesced to our schools.

Parents enthusiastically support our schools, brag about student grades, seek the best college possible, etc. They completely buy the idea that academic success equals success in life.

An annual poll indicated 64% of our kids admitted to cheating, and 30% to stealing from a store, within the past month, while 93% said they are satisfied with their character and values.

Is this the price of success? Or does it reflect the character of our “best and brightest” who grew up to lead America’s economy into disaster?

Joe Gauld