Favorite Moments with Hyde Kids: #1

The decision to write about my favorite moments with Hyde kids came to me at 9:35 this past Saturday night as I ran laps in the dark around our track. It occurred to me that the evening and what I was doing was so extremely unique that I had to capture it. The moment was also one of those Only @ Hyde type of experiences that make me proud to work here.

Every Summer Challenge Family Weekend the students show their athletic ability and improved attitude by running a timed mile. I, unfortunately, showed up late to Saturday’s event. I immediately was harangued by some colleagues who said, “Oh, too busy to make the mile?” While all in good fun, I do also like to do all that is expected of the students. We all sing the audition, we all dance in PA, we all run the 5K, etc. So, when I saw that there were a few students who didn’t run the mile or ran with their parents, I thought (reluctantly), “I’ll pony up and run it at some point.” I was willing to do this primarily because I wanted to have one last shot at challenging Hayley, one of the students who had missed the run. She and I arranged to run it either that night or in the morning.

That was when Tim showed up. Throughout the summer Tim and I had developed a healthy banter around challenging each other; it was based on respect, concern, and a desire to improve and grow. Tim LOVED the idea of an evening run having jogged with his mother that afternoon. He rallied us and helped seal the deal – 9:30 PM, at the track, ready to run.

That was how I ended up there. As other student milled about, suddenly, out of nowhere others were volunteering to run with us. Seriously! I kid you not! Mostly, the other students said, “Well, why not?” That is how I ended up running my mile with Marcy, Tim, Matt, Hayley and Katie; a great group of individuals willing to support me and each other as we made good on our commitment. Their inspiration has also helped start this new series of blogs and reminded me of the many favorite moments I’ve got stored away in my head. I look forward to digging them up.

Best, John