Evals #4: More Certificate Declarations

More Certificate declarations: 

Things in personal leadership and how I hold myself around campus are my strong areas but I do still feel academically I am not reaching my potential and this is an issue that I feel is holding me back.  Now none of this means that I am not striving to be at diploma, because I am going to do whatever it takes to get there before the end of this year.  Now I hope that having all of you seeing this that the people of our class will hold me to this higher standard of excellent academic growth.

I have changed from diploma to certificate. I am making this change being I know that there still are steps that I can take in my personal growth. I need to challenge myself more to get outside my comfort zone. There is still that last step I need to take. I am not sure what it is yet but am very open to talking about it. My goal is to be at diploma by graduation.

I believe that my “loose ends” is my struggle with showing people concern in the community, often I do not say things or speak up because I do not want other peoples issues to affect my life and open myself up to people.  I see myself having the “Im going to deal with me” attitude. As a result I seem withdrawn and closed off (mainly because of my fear of being close to others).  I want to address this by showing people my concern for them and helping them work towards their best instead of keeping to myself and my art.

Right now my “loose ends” I need to address is my situation with joining Deans Area. I looked at the opportunity as a negative instead of a positive that it could be for the last weeks of my senior year. I plan to have a conversation with Mr. Kidwell and the Deans Area group to make it clear that I do want to be a part of what they are doing. I got alot of feedback on my honesty in the senior evals. Instead of feeling bad for myself, I plan on taking it as a challenge of the attitude I am portraying to people around me.

I have a strong voice/presence in some aspects (dorm, and in one-on-one relationships and in disco groups). Yet I feel like the loose ends in my Hyde career have appeared in my lack of courage and hesitancy to take risks. I need to be able to let my conscience led me even if it may feel like the uncomfortable or scary thing to do.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld