Discovery Process Timeline

In the classic Talking Heads’ song “Once in a Lifetime,” frontman David Byrne animatedly wonders aloud, “Well, how did I get here?”  The pending launch of the Hyde Discovery Process membership portal this month, begs the same question.  Here’s a timeline that has brought us to this point.

Way Back:
1966    Hyde School founded at Bath, Maine (5 Words Adopted)
1988    5 Principles Adopted
1996    Bob Hassinger implements Discovery Process at Halifax (PA) Middle School
1999    First Hyde public charter school founded in Washington DC followed by S. Bronx (2006), Brooklyn (2009), and Orlando (2012).

Hyde-Brooklyn Students on a Discovery Field Trip

Early Adopters:
2001    Halifax Middle School recognized as a National School of Character by
2002    Halifax High School adopts the Discovery Process
2014    Upper Dauphin (PA) Middle School adopts Discovery Process
2015    East Pennsboro (PA) Middle School adopts Discovery Process
2018    – Feb: Malcolm Gauld tours the 3 PA HDP schools.
– July: 2 day summit in PA: Q: Should we try to scale this thing? A: Yes

L-to-R: David Hatfield (Supt. of Halifax, PA Schools), Jared Shade (Supt. of Upper Dauphin, PA Schools),Boh Hassinger, former Supt. at Halifax and founder of the Discovery Process

Let’s Do This!
Feb      5-Day Design Sprint at Bath. A prototype deck was created & shared with 20 COIs
Jul       2-Day Training/Discussion Summit at Upper Dauphin
Jul       Upper Dauphin faculty visit Bath
Aug     We sign on with O’Donnell Learn (, a national learning design firm

“The Mat Challenge” – Discovery PA Style

O’Donnell Learn – Developments Between July 2019 and December 2020

– Competitive Scan of 12 SEL providers conducted
– Proof of Concept video produced; 30 educational leaders interviewed
– Sample Module produced and shared with thought leaders
– National survey of 3000 educational leaders conducted with a 7% return rate
– Production of 25 Modules and 134 lesson plans commences
– Recruitment of 6 Beta Sites (from 5 states) completed
Mar     Covid throws a major wrench into the beta experiment
Apr     The Hyde Institute adopts a logo and slogan:

2021 – Pam Hardy joins the team and work with Malcolm Gauld to write/edit 134 lesson plans
Feb     Unable to film mask-free in-class activities, O’Donnell Learn films and produces Zoom instructional videos featuring teachers from Halifax (PA), Upper Dauphin (PA), Hyde-Bath, Hyde-Brooklyn, and PS 20 (NYC) for inclusion in the training materials.
Mar     We contract with the Excellence with Integrity Institute ( to design and implement our data collection strategy.
April   We design and adopt a Discovery Process logo:

May is launched
Jun      All 134 lessons completed… (Whew!)

Jul        Instructional videos filmed at Bath
Aug      O’Donnell Learn facilitates 2 virtual focus groups
Sep       Password protected membership portal launches, enabling access at the click of a button.

Onward, Malcolm