Curiosity – The Professional Side

Turning to the subject of curiosity on the work front…  Anyone who takes his or her job seriously regularly wonders, What’s the special sauce that makes the really good stuff happen here?

Take my job, Please.  (Just kidding.)  On a daily basis, I wonder…

… What has to happen for these kids to make those awesome, inspiring speeches at graduation?

2014 Quad 2 face to Face
… While anyone who has spent any time at Hyde might be able to understand why a guy like Al Ancel ’72 (my classmate) might storm off campus in the middle of his junior year vowing to never have anything to ever do with Hyde School again, what makes him come back 40 years later to make his Hyde Diploma Speech?curiosity pro ancel

… What makes a lacrosse team keep the faith after two regular season losses to rival Hebron and then beat them in the MAISAD league finals by a single goal to win Hyde’s first league title in a decade?

curiosity pro lax
… What makes a young woman like Katie Solter ’90 pursue her calling to become an ordained Episcopal minister?

curiosity pro katie

… Or one like Alicia McFarren ’98 persevere through college and med school to become a doctor and strive to find cures for cancer in children at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital?

curiosity pro alecia
… What makes three consecutive classes of Hyde-Bronx seniors rise above the NYC city-wide 49% graduation rate to graduate at a rate of 94%?

curiosity pro bronx

… What makes a young man like Richard Truluck ’88 grow up to become a great teacher and coach?

curiosity pro truluck

…And what makes “3 Amigos” (l-to-r: Bob Felt ’90, Jon Hardy ’91, Peter Gregory ’89) cause their headmaster to tear his hair out and then turn into upstanding adult citizens with two of them on the Hyde faculty and the added exclamation point of one of them becoming a Hyde headmaster himself?

curiosity pro 3 laxers

Nobody seems to know the answer, but we’ll keep striving and searching for it.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld