Brother’s Keeper Reprise – 7 Parts

Of course, no discussion of the unique Hyde tradition of the student “bust” would be complete without including the ethic of Brother’s Keeper in the mix.  I covered this topic at length in this blog a few years ago in a 7-part series called Brother’s Keeper – A Primer.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I figured I’d offer some links here to the original postings back in 2011/12.

Part #1: IntroThe Hyde culture can be hard for new students to grasp and Brother’s Keeper (BK) is probably the most challenging component of all.      //

Part #2:  BK HistoryThere are over four decades of history to BK at Hyde.

Part #3: Common ResistanceMuch of the early disdain for BK is due to the fact that a student’s initial association with it tends to be negative.     //

Part #4: Forgiveness“This is the most forgiving school I’ve ever seen!” – Headmaster of a rival New England prep school

Part #5: Context: Brother’s Keeper is a wholistic concept that must be wired directly into the culture and practiced by all participants.     //

Part #6: It’s Complicated: Brother’s Keeper takes years to understand. (Joe Gauld, Hyde’s founder, gets very specific about it: “It takes 3 years.”)      //

Part #7: My Experience: Sometimes you have to seek out the help that you might not want but it’s the help that you know you need.     //

In the end, the principle is stated pretty clearly in a whole bunch of places: “We help others attain their best.”  Occasionally, we all need to remind ourselves that if we expect to benefit from it, we must contribute to it.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld