BK Primer #2

Some BK History
There are over four decades of history to BK at Hyde.  I was a student in the earliest days, back when it was called the Honor Code.  We would turn kids in for lying, cheating, and stealing, because we genuinely thought those things were wrong… But we were reluctant to do so for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs because we saw those things as “the school’s rules” and not inherently wrong.  Not only do today’s kids not want to turn their peers in for anything, I’ve encountered more than a few parents who would rather have their children steal than smoke pot.

“Back in the day” it all came to a head in 1970 (my sophomore year) during an event known in Hyde lore as “The Bust.”  Up to that point, kids were expelled for breaking ethics.  The Bust uncovered the ugly fact that 100 of Hyde’s 120 students were guilty of something.  Faced with choosing between steadfast adherence to precedent (and thereby closing the school!) OR looking at things differently, the faculty chose the latter, and BK was born.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld